Seada Hasukic — A CHEATER

Seada Hasukic has been cheating on her husband Muharem Hasukic for over three years. (not sure with how many men)…(with these h0e* you never know lol) She is a Sloo* and a home wrecker. I hope she has a miserable life. She’s such a fuking whor*. She sends nasty old and wrinkly nudes to another married man. (I would post them but it’s blinding) She is also sexting a married man. The man she is talking to has a wife and children. She also has a husband and two children. She calls the man everyday and texts him through the Viber App. She has absolutely no self respect or value for family. She has no job and just sits around the house cheating on her husband. Her husband now knows of his CHEATING B1TC* WIFE and says he has known all along… not sure what’s wrong with the family to allow this BS. I don’t like cheaters and they need to be exposed because “once a cheater always a cheater.” So ladies make sure she isn’t your friend on Facebook because it looks like her cheating as* will continue. STAY AWAY FROM SEADA HASUKIC!!!!

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