Olivia Pantoja – Dirty Dirty Skeeze

Brags that she has just 1 kidney but drinks like Charlie Sheen – whom I’m sure she’d like to suck for $$$- and smokes more than Bob Marley. Gets so drunk she’ll stumble around in the middle of a party and squat and take a piss right there on the floor. She brags about screwing randoms at a friends SF wedding and is looking for guys only with money to trap. She’s broke and will screw for a place to stay with her shitty ‘therapy’ dog and will order the most expensive thing on the menu to only pretend to eat it so she can bring it home to her in the closet bro or just toss it just to get a guy to spend $$ on her. Screws guys in her apartment jacuzzi but is OCD with hand sanitizer because of the one kidney thing. Rents all her clothes cuz she’s always broke and has no car because she doesn’t like to drive – more like a DUI it’s public record babe. She pretends to be younger then she is to get away with crap and EDM. There is nothing hot about a hag with glow sticks rolling and fuking a guy in a porta-Jon

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