Bella Rosillo — Salem’s H0e

This is Bella. She likes to brag about being a baby momma like it’s the worlds greatest gift, meanwhile her man she brags so much about hid her and her daughter for three months. She was caught bragging about her baby daddy being around and messing with her MEANWHILE she was dating somebody else at the moment. She thinks she’s on top because a man nutted inside of her. A boy actually, that doesn’t take care of her, his daughter or his teeth. Her man can’t keep a job and relies on the government. Express is getting tired of having to help him out at this point. She bashed women that have experienced a miscarriage and thinks that’s what makes her tough. Oh sweetie, no one wants to be in your position especially looking like the grinch. Those filters can’t help you in real life. Having fun supporting a grown a55 man though!!

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