Tyna Lerat-This ugly bitch

Tyna Lerat-This ugly bitch has fuked half of Regina and areas powwow circle and the creator only knows who else shes got 3 different DRDs .she gave my brother drd and the drd because shes fuking nasty and when confronted about her lumpy vagina that stinks like something similar too her name. She goes through men like she does her friends because shes fucked half of their men. She has this laugh and is a loud mouth b1tch who thinks shes the sh1t but my brother couldnt stand being seen with her stalking a55 because she was an embarrassment. She talks gross too her kids like a dirty pig and thinks shes cool yet I heard she didnt raise any of them . She claims she has stalkers but shes the only stalker my brother cant get rid of her dirty a55. Makes profiles and gets ppl too stalk him .dirty b1tch watch yourselves Regina.

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