Skylar McGill Queen Cities Grossest!!!

hiya nik!! Meet skel-lar!! Skellar yu gunna tell ur daddy ur on the dirty now this gurl starts sh!t wit ppl n when it cums bakk 2 her she callz daddy 2 fite her battles 4 her!!!! Shez a skinny, anorexic, gross lookin’ b!tch who thinkz shez hawt sh!t but shez nawt. No meat on thiz onez bonez thatz ferr damn sure!! She hangz with dudez like Justin Evanz who getz into trouble n she doeznt care. Her best friend iz trash also n they only got each other heard she got sum DRDz from Justin 2 nasty azz b!tch!!! Be aware my dudez she will get knocked by ya and try n trap ya! Shez dirty azz dirty fawkin getz! Once she figurez out nobody wantz to stay she abortz her babiez like she bout 2 doo wit dis one watch ur men ladiezzz !! Stay away from thiz dirty fukkin piece a work

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