Shanna Nichole-Ullrich — Floozy

This piece of work is Shanna. She was hustling dope and girls with Chris LaFonte. Brags around how she can go down on him while he is soft and make him cvm. She brags about how Chris can control the Native girls he pimps out. She talks about how he can manipulate the girls to get what do whatever he wants. She talks like he is someone special, meanwhile he was doing the same thing to her. She’s a junkie cr*ck whore, who doesn’t have custody of her kids. She’s on leave from her job with the federal government, so she can run around like a wanna be hustler. Smoking and suking her way thru the city. Guys who commented “Beautiful” on her pic? That pervert Trevor Kramble. Things seem to make sense now. Oh, and she hangs around with cop callers too. So distance yourself if you have any respect for the game. When they can’t handle their sh1t, or get in over their heads, it’s 911.

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