Cera Leader — Loud Mouth B1tch

Cera Leader. Wanna be gangster. What is she really? A loud mouth b1tch. That can’t back up anything she says. She thinks she’s a thug, but in all reality, she’s just a low life piggy. She’s a sh1t mom who doesn’t take care of her kids. She pawns them off to run arond with her goof old man, Darcy Kyryluik. He’s just as big of a clown as her, maybe bigger. Get these fat fuks on a scale, we will see whose bigger…it’s gonna need to be an industrial scale. He thinks he’s some tough guy. Probably because he throws his weight around at places like the 4 seasons…ya, that’s like saying you’re known at Stat’s. Nice accomplishment. Your mom must be proud. For your next trick Darcy, try keeping a job. You’re about as low key as a clef lip. We’ve heard your own boys call you heat. Walking around with your gold chains, like you’re Mr. T, thinking you and you gross old lady are the A Team. Youre a name dropper and a d1ck rider. Nothing more. Don’t forget it. Back to Cera. Just finished a diploma at Sask Poly. Good for you…you’re 30. It’s about time you did something with your life besides eat and spout off on Facebook. This broad has a Wu-Tang themed leg piece…can’t even name all the members. It’s a disgrace to a legendary group. On those legs, Ol’ dirty bastards poor face looks like it got beat in with a hammer, from those hailed out thighs. These two are like the ring masters at the circus. Always posing for pictures with their friends on Facebook and Instagram like they are 17 year old kids at a party. News flash, nobody likes you two. You’re both loud and annoying. I can’t wait to watch your Facebook statuses light up about this…how you’re gonna do this, and youre gonna do that if you find out whose behind this… What you’ll probably do is call the , just like the last time you got in to deep… You two goofs are just that. Goofs. Rat Goofs. You’re own friends know it. Heat score, Rat, Goofs.

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