Jason Browder of [REDACTED] is bipolar a liar and a c0cksucker. He fires employees who are trying to better themselves by looking for a new job because he promises his employees hell take care of them and when he doesnt and finds out there looking for another job he fires them. Also he hires 200-250 dollar an hour bigh end floozys to service him. Which is why hes divorced and paying child support even though there custody is 50/50. He has a new gf named Jill and continues to pay whores to service him hes showed his employees the website he orders them from and how much liqour he buys because he has to drink his pitiful a55 life away. I hope the fat fuk gets whats coming to him dont ever get your car serviced at his [REDACTED[. He’ll lie and fuk you over and take your money. Dishonest lying piece of sh1t.

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