Mykaila Sparkes-Milants — Depressed Or D1ck-Pressed

Mykaila Sparkes-Milants — Depressed Or D1ck-Pressed. Yo okay so this b1tch comes and chills with my friend and my boyfriend and I are there and the whole time this b1tch is straight flirting with him giving him googly eyes and sh1t, my boyfriend comments on it to me and sh1t, and then this girl goes and tells us she’s living with the guy who raped her when she was younger and she just got out this abusive relationship and she’s legit crying cause my friend and I are hugging and laughing and cuddling up wit our boyfriends and sh1t right, my boyfriend becomes VERBALLY AND MENTALLY AGGRESSIVE to me I front fo this b1tch right? And she’s so traumatized from her last relationship but after my boyfriend gets out of jail her skeezy dumb whore skank self went to his house and was shaking her bare a55 for him and his friend and ahkt? Not to mention she cheated on her boyfriends has messages multiple guys in relationships. Like she’s over all just a sh1tty person, she sits there and talks about how depressed she is and sh1t cause of this break up and the abusiveness of her ex and allat she talks about locking herself alone in her room but she’s fine getting wit this guy after watching allllll the fuked up sh1t he did to me that night, it doesn’t look like she’s too traumatized to me. They foods gonna get ate it’s okay tho.

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