Mica Lopez — Aka Layla Lopez

Mica Lopez Aka Layla Lopez.This girl right here, will do just about ANYTHING to get any type of validation from anything with a d1ck. Any shape, size, SMELL name it. She acts hard to show off when in reality is a bitter broke no goal having @55 cvnt that is grown and doesn’t even have a car, has a record, and can’t keep a job. How sad. Not only that, she’s a mom! And sets a bad example by not having any morals or respect or dignity for herself. She brags about ways she used to fUk men, use them, having threes0mes, even fuking her dads FRIEND while he is locked up. Nasty right?! She has no friends because she acts ghetto, nasty, and raunchy. She has a mustache so hopefully she isn’t a catfish. She looks like a run down mom of 5 when you see her in person. I hope her daughter doesn’t follow in her footsteps.

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