Vorachai Tejapaibul Is Back In Pittsburgh, But Still A Lying Fool

put this dirty fool on blast. He is back in Pittsburgh trying real hard to seem important and successful. Trying to make everyone forget his scandalous past. Ha! Like that would ever happen. Fool’s name isVorachai Tejapaibul. He sometimes goes by Sammy or Ricky but its the same fool. He’s bragging about how he is the CEO of startups and investment companies in Texas called Startup Grind and Tech and Health Wildcatters. Showed us articles about him and hyped up stories of successful million dollar investments that no one has ever heard of. Stupid attempt at trying to get us to throw him respect as if we don’t remember that this fool acts like a woman to sell immitation chinese junk on eBay and craigslist. Same fool that reinvented himself as Sammy the financial advisor pushing junk startup stocks, underground massage parlors, and pyramid schemes. This all stops when Andy shows up. Andy sees the fool, and asks about the money he owes him. Vorachai gets this awkward smile and stood there frozen in time. Straight up looked like a jack-o-lantern face. He let people crack jokes about him for awhile before taking off in his Uberpool ride. Go back to Texas you broke ass fool.

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