Savannah Grace Of Perryopolis, PA

Savannah Grace is an ugly online attention floozy who wears way too much make up. I’m surprised this b*tch has never been on here, but there’s always a first for everything. She’s what we would call a “groupie b*tch.” She sends nudes to every band guy under the sun. Usually you can find her sucking any Greg she can find and spreading her legs as often as she sees fit. She may have a Facebook and online persona, but she has no reason to be confident or as arrogant as she is. She’s ugly, she’s pretentious, and pretends she’s hardcore because she has terrible tattoos, her eyes are spaced too far apart, and her eyebrows are clearly drawn on. She only goes to shows and raves to see which band or group of guys are going to run train on her that night. You can find her in an alley behind the venue sucking off any guy who walks by smoking a ciggarette. She’s trash, she’s the lowest of the low.

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