Marissa Metzger — Skank

Sneaks around tryna be wit her punk son’s dad. Smut sends half naked pics too she lost custody from odeeing in front of her son spends her child support on heroin but proclaims her sobriety. She was so jealous of her baby’s dad’s new family she harassed the new mom he wants to be with and loves so her baby girl died…she tries floozying with his father used to f his dead brother then got pregnant to his brother lol…supposedly banged both the cousins too. Slow mental genes run in that ho ass family btw. She got cheated on in the trailer park where lived with her baby’s daddy n son with an underage girl while she was all roofeeyed up. Real nice she’s pathetic n wait n longs for her junkie POS baby’s dad that don’t even f wit his own kid but she tries sneaking to see him. Almost 40 with no boyfriend just a dead junkie ex she posts all over Facebook who was just equally hideous zombie people. Demonic cvnt looking weird strange bird also looks like a witch gap ass teeth looking slut looks like she needs to lay off sucking things

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