Lier, Cheater, Con And Rat. Most Of All LOSER

Ryan Farrell, were should I start. He’s 4 ft 10inch egotistical loser who talks a big game but is very messed up. He is very manipulative and full of himself. He cheats on his girlfriends, uses people for his own gain and if he doesnt like you he will make calls to the CAS ( if you have kids), the police even….or wherever he can to make false claims to screw over people. One of my girlfriends told me that he is in the closet and is Gay or perhaps bisexual which is fine but wont come out. He loves getting reamed out by another man. He cant stay in a relationship due to the cheating. His name is looked down on in Renfrew. Hes known as a rat and shouldn’t be trusted. Hes also a drug dealer or tries to be.

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