John Feldman The Backwoods Predator

I don’t even know where to begin with this worthless tool John Feldman. He runs a illegal home improvement business in Pittsburgh and hasn’t paid taxes at all (John Feldman’s Home Improvements). Not only that, but he has on 3 different occasions, been caught doing Pepsi and smoking marijuana on the job by a few home owners. He even STOLE one old ladies pain pills and jewelry when he was working on her back deck.
Not only does he have a weed and Pepsi habit, he also has an opiate addiction. Which he will steal from anyone that has it. He has also started a benzo habit. He overcharges people on work, while on a job he will also say something else needs done so that he can collect more money. The business name will change, but it is always him behind it.
But that isn’t even the worst part of it. He is the biggest manipulator I have ever seen and enough is enough. He needs to be called out and put to shame for what he is doing. He has an act he consistently plays on women. The story is always the same- gotten out of a broken relationship, the woman was crazy, took all his belongings, what he has left is in storage in another state, etc. But he preys on single mothers with promises of getting married, getting a house together, and taking care of our children. He’s been talking about a 6 figure settlement for 7 years now that he’s supposed to get to fulfill these promises. A settlement based on an injury to his back that prevents him from working. (Illegal business makes sense now).
He sells a fake ass dream to vulnerable women. All while selling it to another woman at the same time. He manipulated our children, promising them college, and materialistic gifts to win them over. Going so far as almost adopting one woman’s child, but he mentally abused her so bad she starting cutting herself. He preys on the daughters to play daddy and will cause strife with your sons or try to blame them for things he himself has destroyed or done. He got one woman’s son hooked on heroin who unfortunately overdosed and died because of it. He purposely wrecked his truck into another womans son’s car just for spite. He likes to play mind games with the daughters and turn them against their mother by winning them over with grooming and then puling them into arguments between us so they will take his side.
Let’s not forget the fact that while he is with one woman, he uses the excuse of the other woman being friends so that he can cheat. All women he comes in contact with have children. He is destroying the children’s minds and when he is done, tosses them away like they were garbage. He takes no accountability for his actions, all women are to blame. He does wrong and refuses to take blame. He doesn’t pay for anything, he lived off of all of us. He barely worked and when he did, he claimed he had so many backed up bills to pay ( storage, insurance) that he couldn’t contribute and help, but yet he always had his pills and powder.
He makes up a sob story about being kicked out of his apartment so he can move in with you. I paid his phone, he ate my food, ran up my water, light, and cable with constant porn rentals he would blame on my son, but the cable company gives you the box number of the receiver it was ordered on- my studio, which my children do not have access to, because my work equipment is stored there. Oh, which is another thing, He stole 2 of my tools to sell for drug money and I know this because I have them engraved and the guy who sold the drugs to him, I went to HS with and the dude put them on FB to sell, which I had to BUY BACK.
We only were together for 3 months before I figured out his game and broke up with him. I was contacted today by a woman who found my number still in his phone with 3 other women’s numbers, who she talked to as well. We were all told the same bullsh*t and went through the same misery. Some of us even overlapped timelines and were all strung along at the same time. ALL of our daughters were being groomed by this predator and for those of us who had sons, he would fight with them constantly or force them out of the house!
This worthless piece of sh*t has karma coming for him. The AG and IRS are being made aware of his scheme and now will so many other women, he will no longer be able to hurt another. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR HIS MANIPULATION! HE IS NOTHING BUT A LYING, CHEATING, DRUG ADDICTED LOSER! HE PREYS ON YOUR CHILDREN AND WILL MAKE INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS REGARDING THEIR BODIES AND LIFESTYLES. GET THIS PERVERT OUT THERE!

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