Jamie Kitchen — Bad Mom

Well this old hoe bag here follows perfectly in her mother’s footsteps A duo of drugs, sex and lies! This whore is a junkie who loves the drugs more than anything else in the world she has had 15 boyfriends in the last yr she’s soo trifling Her own child talks about how bad she smells and how dirty she is When he does see her once a month he’d rather not because she is such a train wreck Her mother raises the kid he actually calls his grandparents mom and dad She the lowest of the low she’s like that Hott liquid that drains out of the garbage truck Jamie kitchen shot up her last of many loves of her life’s and he overdosed in her parents basement where she resided till the age of 42 She claims how she is so in love with each one of them this lady has a big mental illness of thinking anyone gives a fuk about her She never worked a day in her life she gets by with sleeping with drug dealers and druggies She put her kid on medication so she can collect ssi for the child While her parents take care of the child she has abandoned for drugs She use to transport the drugs in the child’s bag She is a clepto so is her nasty no bra wearing saggy titty mother If you ever have her around watch your money and your family She the biggest home wrecker ever She will see a happy family and move her self right in Sleep with her neighbors man Makes up lies to where the father of the kid calls it Diarrhea of the mouth He can’t wait till she dies She has caused anybody she comes in contact with nothing but grief and regret No one is your best friend No one believes your lies Cvnt face skank She created 12,000$ in debt for another one of her ex’s one of her first victims Ran utilities up in his name the works After he was gone two days later she had a man living there The father needed a dna test for thier child while he was working she’d have men in and out of her the only way she can keep a man is getting him hooked on drugs her ex made the biggest mistake of his life because she drugged him with clotopins Makes it so hard for him have a new life her and her mom are like leaches If you let these people close enough it’s like the plague you won’t ever get rid of them they can’t take a damn hint Maybe this will help them get a grasp on the big picture That they are not in!!!! Junkie Jamie take the needles out of your pillow case Popcorn is stale isn’t it Move on you and your wacko family Go suck more bbc for drug money honey You will rot in hell for all you’ve done

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