Cheating Floozy Fallon Vendetta Has Kids And Is Engaged To A Pedophile

This is Fallon Maressa aka Fallon Vendetta. She walked out on out her husband and two children to be with pedophile rapist Dahvie Vanity of Blood On The Dance Floor. Fallon cheated on her husband with Dahvie and brings her children around him despite everyone knowing he diddles children. She is super plastic having liposuction, a boob job, lip injections, botox and a very badly botched nose job. She only admits to having her boobs done though. All her plastic surgery was paid for by her husband and he also did all of her tattoos for free including the tattoo on her vag. Every single man she has ever been with she has used and cheated on. She is a gold digger and social climber. Funny part is Dahvie is not rich or famous. She is not home a lot so Dahvie is finding other ways to get his rocks off by messaging underage fans sexually explicit messages and photos and trying to get them to send him nudes or meet up for sex. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fallon is screwing people she works with behind Dahvie’s back. Fallon pretends to be a sweet and kind person but it recently came to light that she likes to harass, threaten and even attack Dahvie’s underage fans, mostly ones he’s been interested in or done something with. This woman is 37 years old and bullying girls under the age of 15 and trying to punch them.

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