Carmen Peluso The Con Artist

Here we have Carmen Peluso one of pittsburgh biggest and notorious con artists. Lady’s beware he will charm his way into your pocket book and take every penny. I mean every last cent. He makes his rounds on all the local dating apps seeking out his victims. To whom he conned hundreds of thousands of dollars . Hes acquired multiple vehicles cash boats the whole 9 yards from his victims. He claims to be a wounded war veteran even though he never made it past basic training. He a notorious pathological liar and deranged. He claim prowess as a professional boxer. Pro fishermen pro golfer. He fills women’s heads with fairytales with the sole intention of drawing every dime of there net worth. Hes a dead beat dads. And also sadly coaches boxing to children at Gold medal boxing in pittsburgh !!! Family’s beware . Also he a criminal record a mile long for scamming people out of money when he was a contractor. best of luck ladies

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