Alyssa Vize (Mullins) — Baby Killer Cheater Liar Drunk Abusive Trash

Left her boyfriend after assaulting him to move in with her ex husband after 2 weeks he kicks her out comes crawling back to boyfriend who fell for some sob story and a marriage proposal they get married she does nothin but verbally abuse him and sleep all the time goes to her job at the hospital where she talks trash on her patients probably violates HIPPA says she wants a family gets pregnant has ultrasound feels baby move starts knitting baby blanket the gets pissed one day and decides to kill their 16 week old baby to hurt husband and leaves him comes back week later with another sob story an no where to live he takes her back then leaves again after Christmas when she can go back to her mom’s gets the boot dumba55 husband takes her back again then she goes and fuks mark machion of spring city park apologizes dumbass husband takes her back AGAIN then a week later finally changes her last name that same night goes and fuks mark again then the next day does her rounds at the bars in boyertown gets a shitty motel for a few hours to fuk someone she rather be at the bar then with her own kids you can find her and her roast beef at oley tavern or any bar in the boyertown/reading area

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