Alison Lange — Backwoods Lesbian Wife Stealer

This Girl Alison met my friend’s wife online and started texting/dating her wife. My friend found out about this after the 2nd week and confronted Allison about it. She told Allison about their marriage and how they still were living together. My friend told her she was in love with her wife still and to please respect that. Allison didnt even have the decency to respond or stop her advances. My friend was married to her wife for 5 years and it was the love of her life. They had a lot obstacles they had to go through in order to be together. My friend moved to her country and paid for her green card. Allison is now living in my friend’s apartment and sitting on her furniture she paid for reaping the benefits my friend worked hard for. Allison is also supposed to be a counselor/therapist so I wouldn’t go to her if you are married. I’m posting this because my friend got really messed up by what happened to her. It’s been over a year and she is still not over it. Allison has no respect for people’s marriages or relationships so no one should have respect for her.

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