Trinity Robinson Stank — Gold Digging Cheting H0e Trinity

Trinity Robinson Stank Gold Digging Cheting H0e Trinity. This dumb b1tch claims she’s your best friend then starts talking smack online and then tries to fck your mans, once she finds out you have money she’s going to tell you tocome over to her moms place (sshe’s 20 and lives at her moms basement) She says she has a job and has money but really she only has 3 cents in her bank, She will also lie about having a boyfriend meanwhile he’s at he’s dads place (he’s 24 and still live with daddie) Let me tell you something he doesnt know, She told me she has Drds so i had to triple my condom.. i know i hate myself for touching something so stinky. Its worser then a fish that’s been deada week. She doesnt cclean her self or hee room, she has a poor dog that she leaves and neglect her i feel so sorry for the dog i wish i had taken her when i was able to but now shes living hell apparently she stole the dog from a friend that lost her house and Trinity said she will watch thw dog till her friend got a place for her and her dog, but she stole her and started beating her and leaving her in the room all day she eats half of dog bowl and never drinks water someone help this poor puppy and give her back to thw poor homeless girl who thought Trinity was a trustable friend but really not. Trinity also told me before when we were drinking she fuked her moms boyfriend because her mother wouldn’t give her weed money wow. That’s nasty. She will fuk anything that walks. WATCH OUT SHE HAS DRDS AND MUCH MORE/*

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