Steven Bannan — Cheating Deadbeat Father

Steven Bannan — Cheating Deadbeat Father. This is Steven Bannan, I was with him for 7 years, when I met him I was 20 and he was 32 … 3 years into the relationship we planned our child. When I got pregnant he went out found a 19 year old girl and told her he was single and that I was a roommate that he slept with and got pregnant… for 3 years he lived a double life with this girl and during those three years he brought our son to the girls house for family get togethers and even had my son sleep In the same bed with them, my son had to watch his dad kiss and tell another girl he loved her and then come back home to me, he used our son so he could keep up his double life because our son was to young to speak and couldnt tell me what was happening. Once I caught him cheating I then found out their was way more women then I could even imagine… once he was caught he started telling people that he had cancer to make people for sorry him, however this is not true. He is a pathetic low life who used me and our son. What kind of person does this to thier child.

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