Robert Warren — Anti Masker Man Baby

Robert Warren — Anti Masker Man Baby. Behold the biggest man baby whine a55 anti vaccine idiot there is. Robert Warren is a giant cry baby who wants to sue people for trying to enforce a mask policy. Rob has made up medical conditions that prevent him from wearing a mask and is deliberately going into businesses to start issues when he can just use a drive through to get his food but would rather live stream from Hortons and make a scene. Apparently Robs adult ADD prevents him from wearing a mask Meanwhile my 8 year old autistic daughter with severe respiratory issues can wear one for hours on end with no issue. Grow up you absolute man child. You’re the reason people are dying. Uneducated moron. I can’t wait until the human rights tribunal laughs you out of the building/zoom call. Complete moron. I would delete him off Facebook but his stupidity is too funny to miss out on by deleting him. You don’t need anti depressants when a stroll through this dummies Facebook page should cheer anyone up.

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