Rita Hbanty — Girl Stopped Her Cheating Bf Matthew Morris From Seeing His Child

IG: Gypsy.riri Tho girl whom has been dating her lying cheating boyfriend of one year Matthew Morris – who now has a child with a very good friend of mine is a deadbeat father cause this girl had the audacity to stop him from seeing his child. Get some self respect girl and leave his cheating a55 cause you know he’s gunna do it again and you as a woman need to grow and not stop any man you are with from seeing their child. Your pu55y ain’t that great from what I hear …. which is why he cheated the whole damn time No woman should ever stop a man from seeing his child- yes he cheated but you so called forgave him so let him see his child …. what a worthless low self respect GIRL to stay with this pathetic low life. Montreal Comment

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