Lindsay Neville — Floozy Felon In Sheep’s Skin

Lindsay Neville Floozy Felon In Sheep’s Skin.This woman was in prison for 6 years on armed robbery (google it!) and since her time inside was in the USA shes managed to manipulate her way into daycares. After being released at 30 this degenerate was manipulating young girls for her 18 year old pimp from her own home where she operated a daycare from, even the youngins looked at her like a fool! She would claim “I just need to buy these girls something and their stupid enough to fall for it”. She’s pure evil. Smh, she allowed drugs in the house, allowed her BD to bring her kids to trap houses. Shes fucked all the black men in Ottawa and nobody takes her floppy Pu55y serious cause men know you can’t make a h0e a housewife. Her last fiancé (of many) broke up with her cause no man wants a public toilet seat for a wife. She continues to fake her religion while selling herself to other people’s husbands, and to boot she fuked both her BD’s brothers and still has the audacity to cling on to them and their families while refusing access to the children. She has no morals, values or common sense. Beware of this slor, she does not think like a normal human but an institutionalized psycho who claims revival yet is doing the devils work. She definitely lived up to her namesake, and was pathetic enough to name her son after her pimp who begged her for a 2nd abortion (as nobody wants a floozies kid) so she gave birth while he was in jail. Don’t fall for her devious manipulation, she acts innocent but is a con artist at masking who she is. She’s a hypocrite to the fullest. Where did she get the money to buy her home when she’s never had a real job? Someone also please let this woman know how to do eyebrows!!

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