Leanne Aubin — Gap Toothed Stinky Pig Leanne Aubin

Leanne Aubin — Gap Toothed Stinky Pig Leanne Aubin. Leanne Alexandra dutty pu55y Aubin opens up her legs to any guy that pays attention to her. She did so much drugs during her pregnancy that she lost the baby. You can catch her at the pub doing blow in the washrooms and starting fights with dudes for no reason. Hey Leanne, lay off the filters and take a shower you nasty b1tch. You’re not a meme queen you are such a fat pig. Has huge cuts all up and down her whole body and will threaten to kill herself if you leave her. She stabbed herself infront of me and smashed her face on a concrete floor. She’s fukin psycho and she deserves to be here. Tries to pretend shes everyones friend but will talk sh1t about those closest to her. Take it from someone who was close to her, shes finally burned all her bridges with me. Oh yeah Do not lend her money she wont pay you back. Uses drugs regularly. Alcholic and PLAYS THE VICTIM. Wahhhhhh. Ladies watch your man around her. She’ll be in his inbox trying to get attention lol. Go take care of your other kid you slum mom. You’re a disgusting human being with nothing going for you. And your a55 legit stinks like when we were doggy I couldn’t even do it all I smelled was poo and body odour. Get your sh1t together Leanne for all of us!!

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