Kim Bellefeuille — Cities Dirtiest Momma

Kim Bellefeuille — Cities Dirtiest Momma. Meet Ottawa’s dirtiest momma! This woman steals and lies to her children! She is mentally unstable and tries to seduce all of her eldest sons friends to the point they don’t even want to go to the house anymore. She is a complete narcissist that believes she better than everyone because she thinks her score is based on the amount of rolls she has!! She makes fun of people for being raped and will attack anyone about their past trauma meanwhile having drd but never going to the doctor for it. She has kids ranging from 7-20 living with her and allows drugs to be sold out of her basement! Her house has been broken into on many occasions putting her family at risk but she doesn’t care because she runs a whorehouse! She will go to the casino and gamble all her money away and come home and ask her kids if they could lend her some so she can buy drugs and shoot up in front of her kids!! She smokes weed and cigarettes inside the house and car with windows up and children inside. She has kittens less than a year and locked them outside of her house for the winter because they were “annoying”. The oldest daughter raises her misbehaved kids for her because she’s too busy paralyzed by all the drugs she does. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Beware, if she hasn’t had her daily dose she WILL go psychotic!

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