Katie Dollin — Katie (Horse Face) Dollin

Katie Dollin — Katie (Horse Face) Dollin. So here’s this dumb b1tch named Katie Dollin who likes to let struggling homeless friends in her apartment so she’s not lonely after her ex cheated on her countless times and left like he should’ve a long time ago. She will eventually charge you more and more for rent and expect you to clean her c0ckroach infested apartment because she’s always too lazy to. Made a curfew for people to be in at 11pm as if she’s our mother?! Like b1tch. Get back in your lane lil slut. She just bought a 8 week old dog she’s claiming to be a service dog who she yanks from the leash and hits her in the nose with a hair elastic holder because APPARENTLY that’s how you’re supposed to train dogs? She screams at her right in her ears and lets her sh1t all around the house without cleaning it up or correcting her. Is crazy stalking her ex Kenny and is getting crazy mad when he hangs out with his FRIENDS but she goes around on a date at least twice a week. Doesn’t wear panties and spreads her legs on the couch so everyone can see her nasty pu55y lips. Seen a c0ckroach running on the ground and she said she was too tired to kill it. Also likes to walk in on the roommates that she lets stay over without any warning meaning no privacy whatsoever. She left her one cat in a burning building with free hands and handed off her dog to someone else in the house clearly not caring about either of them, really. She made a huge list of rules for her trap house and put her neighbour on blast for no reason and is sending people to his house. Everyone in her building hates her and she doesn’t even realize it, she just thinks the cops will always come to save her. Beware y’all, this donkey is a money suking b1tch.

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