Justine Gardner — Dramatic Stalker!!

Hey, so this girl doesn’t know when to quit it. All she does is start and cause drama in many people’s lives, I’d have her over to my house.. and do everything to help her out. But all she can do is talk about other people business and not her own. And be completely ungrateful. She’s compulsively lies and cheats on every guy she has been with. And she lies in general. Causes drama for her self then goes crying about it. Always trying to take someone other girls man too! Justine… its about time you grew up. Wipe some of that thick a55 caterpillar make up off your eyebrows and get a real life. One that doesn’t involve starting sh1t for other people. Your a hard person to like with your nasty personality. Hell half your friends are fake and pretend to like you. I know i sure did. Look at your posts on fb. Notice your profile photos got to like 2 likes a pic. Ahhah people are bored of your dramma stories of the boy who cried wolf. Just like you and your foster sister are crazy!! Your own mom didn’t love you that say something? Go have some more Pepsi!!

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