Josh Giesbrecht — Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Josh Giesbrecht — Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. I’ve debated on doing this for some time now. For over a year. I wanted to make sure that my heart was in the right place. I am confident that It is, and completely disgusted to find myself in this position at all.. However I am also a big believer of doing the right thing-Especially if it has the potential to help someone else. No one is perfect- but some people are capable of actual evil. Josh is one of those people and has been for some time. Since the end of June 2019. I am truly sorry if my warning came too late, and as a result your health has been altered for the rest of your life too… it took me a long time to accept what happened, and feel strong enough to do something about it. The truth is that I was once very in love with him.It took a long time to let it go. I never dreamed I would be writing such a revolting -but true- post. The ripple affect will most likely be painful to many people, for that I am also sorry- but Josh made the same permanent and vile decision more than once. The previous warnings didn’t come from women seeking to make Josh look bad. Unfortunately they were telling the truth. I wish I only had the same things to say. If I did, I would have kept it to myself and moved forward… but I don’t. He raped me multiple times. Last year and this year- If it were only the rapes, I would have still kept it to myself. It wasn’t. He gave me drd. Every kind. He lied about getting tested.Promised that he was clean. He will never show the symptoms. He is a carrier. If you want to be with him, be safe and push for him to go onto the meds that I now have to take everyday to keep this incurable drd under control. Be very careful in general.. I have truly never met a bigger wolf in my entire life.

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