John Thomas Gallie #1 Loser And Scam Artist, Watch Out For Him And JTG Systems

So this guy has been in business for about 15 years, he is an excellent scam artist and suckers a lot of people into going to him to get laptops and mac’s repaired. Is he licensed, NO. Is he certified, NO. Does he have any actual education from a school for the work he does, NO. Well that is already 3 NO’s and yet people still go to this guy. Suckers all of them. He rips people off and if you say something negative about him he will go off on you on google or kick in your door. Tries to charge you for when he says no charge if information can’t be recovered. You can also really tell his girlfriend lives up to the blonde stereo type because she believes all the crap coming out of his mouth. Please don’t just rely on Google reviews, search the person or business on the internet.

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