Jocylyne Racicot — Bipolar, Pepsi Head Thief

Jocylyne Racicot — Bipolar Pepsi Head Thief. Bipolar, pepsi head thief. A few weeks ago this girl came to my friends place with a guy she was with and while there randomly lost her shit and got in my friends face saying accusing him of treating her like an floozy. For no reason, noone had any diea what she talking about! Too much drugs and alcohol I guess. She starts flipping out high as a kite and starts shouting if im an floozy wheres the money! She stormed around his house and even had the nerve to go in his bedroom. My friend had 1000.00 in his night stand to go visit his mother who has stage for cancer. The money was gone when he went to get it in the night stand the next morning. Watch out for this person.

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