Janice Siddons — President & COO – Fully Managed

The reality though, she lives at home with mommy and daddy still paying all of her bills. She flunked out of nursing school and she only works part time. She is a 26 year old child basically who only cares about partying and drinking every day. But the best part is how she uses men, so this is the warning to the men of Beaver County. Stay away! She has been in only 2 or 3 long term relationships from what I know. In each of them she has used the guy she dated. She moves in with them, they take care of her thinking she cares about them but she just continues to party and sleep around on them. Then when she gets bored she dumps them then tells everyone how toxic they are, that the guys are abusive, controlling, keep her from her friends and family etc.. when the reality is she is the controlling one, the manipulator. She lies constantly and when someone calls her out she plays the victim and acts like its everyone else’s fault but hers. I’m just glad I found this out before I spent more time with her, she is a piece of work and with the amount of sleeping around she does probably has some DRD or something too. So men avoid at all costs!

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