Elisabeth Gola — Beware Of This Fake Woman With Drd’s , With Drd

Elisabeth Gola — Beware Of This Fake Woman With Drd’s With Drd. The Dirty Army, Watch out Ottawa, there is a girl named Lizzie Gola that is a stoner and uses every kind of drug possible. She knowingly knows she has the drd virus and she sleeps with everybody not disclosing she has drd. Her va-jay-jay also looks like a blue waffle, crusty and dirty with scabs. She’s a free loader who lives off of her parents. She’ll try to seduce you with her fake lips, fake eyelashes and fake hair. Never lend her money or offer to help her cause she’ll rip you off and don’t believe her sad stories about not having money. She also has a gay friend that is DRD positive, who she sleeps with. This is the most sl*tiest girl. She hooks up with random guys on Tinder and POF. This girl is so dirty that people have to be aware that she doesn’t shower and tries to douce herself in perfume to mask the stench and fishy smell coming off of her. She also carries a bottle of vagisil wash so that way if she’s about to have sex she can wash her va-jay-jay in a public bathroom. This girl is so fake that she’ll tell you a family member died just so she can get you to feel sorry for her. She’s so gross that my boyfriend walked in on her putting peanut butter on her vajayjay and the dog was licking it off. This girl used to be so fat until she convinced her parents to give her Lipo, lip injections and ass implants. This girl also thinks that she’s all that and a bag of chips. She always has to lie. One time a friend of mine got her to house sit and while they were away she would look in drawers, she stole money and stole a bunch of weed. She’ll play the part that she’s a hippie girl, that loves everybody but she’s the devil in disguise. Please Nik, post this people need to know cause they’re getting stds from this girl.

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