Annalise Jewel — Fat Annie With A Stinky Coot

So this chic must have been born in cringe town. She gets jealous of other women and makes up lies about them just to feel superior. She looks like a penguin that weighs as much as a polar bear. So basically shes a fat butter face. Shes has floozy around with every meth user in kamloops and when she got caught spreading drds around, she ditched provinces all together and landed in calgary. There she has tried to pretend like shes some homely country girl when really shes north shore kamloops trash. If you have a bf, you should ask him if hes dipped in to this piece of garbage for your own safety. She thinks rape is funny and used to spread around that some girl with tourette’s raped a dude she was seeing when the dude fuked some mentally disabled girl over Anna and anna was too embarrassed that she cant even compare to someone with a disability so she lied about her being a rapist. Anna is AWFUL. Anna is a LIAR. Anna is a whore. but most of all shes an ugly and obese waste of skin.

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