A big thanks for the warning – Donald Morris

I want to thank who ever posted on Don Morris. I was recently dating him and discovered many lies, manipulation and when I finally called him out on everything he disappeared. He will tell you he loves you in the first week, he will want to move in with you, he will tell you that he hasn’t had sex in four years so you feel special when you finally give yourself to him. Thankfully Ottawa is a small city and people talk. He told my friend he was going to take me away to propose on my bday, yet he was sleeping with a girl who is friends with a mutual friend of mine. He will tell a lie and cover it up with another lie. Girls… be careful with this one. I hate that I am posting on here, but I feel like we need to stick together and if we know someone is unethical then the truth needs to be shared. I do genuinely hope if he does finally find a women he can actually be honest with, that she brings out the best in him, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Good luck

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