Tori Mitchell — Lazy, Crazy, And On Welfare

Have you ever wondered what a mom who has more kids than she needs looks like? Well here it is! Tori Mitchell might be the ugliest liar in all of Belleville. Her pussi will make you want to vomit. She will do anything for attention – even lie about the health of her kids for a like on Facebook. It is what is wrong with society. It has made social assistance a lifestyle but it learned from the best. Its parents and sisters (also really big gross swamp donkeys) are all living off the government as well. Lies about having cancer. What kind of low life scum sucker lies about that? Tori Mitchell! Stay away unless you want to be sucked into her web of lies and fake disabilities. She has a grilled cheese cvnt and will make you the next contestant on let’s have a baby. But the baby will be for money of course. Has three kids and no job. Weird how you have anxiety so bad you can’t work but you can ride dlck. Stop with the selfies melted candle face. You are ugly and will always be ugly. You are a bad person and as smart as a bag of hair. No matter how much ugly black hair dye you use or how much money you get faking injuries from fender benders.

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