Terry Wright And Erin (Elizebeth) Rogerson Trenton Scuzz Couple

Be ware everyone! These two freaks are spreadin DRDs and sleepin around with anyone and everyone Terry will fuk any chick without wrappin it up. He is the worst thing about the military. Drinks n drives 2 His fat pig wife Erin will try to fuk his friends and any guy that comes to the house LADIEZ WATCH OUT FOR THAT FAT whore She wants alllll of terry’s guy friends. I told one his friends gfs about this b1tch and the bf already knew because she tried to get him into bed with her rank cooch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you go the bars in Trenton and see him be fukin careful you are just a free fuk to him he dont care Hes disgusting They both have huuuuuuuge problems If yer man is his friend make sure that cooze is not with yer man. Cuz she will try to get him

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