Shannon Westlake — Exeters Finest Cvm Dumpster Granny

I’m a 47 year old alcoholic, meth head, pill popping, fetty smoking. C0ck gobbling cvm dumpster. For years I laid around in my own filth like the sperm whale that I am and drank Busch ice like it was going out of style. Until I met my knight and shining armor my one true love…….CRYSTAL METH. I LOST 80LBS AND for the first time in 3 years I was able to get out of bed and stumble around. I went from sperm whale to an 80yr old looking granny barbie that has lived a hard life of drugs, alcohol, unprotected sex and pure laziness. My current bf and I live with my deaf ex bf of 7 years that I have wrapped around my pinky finger. I like to play with his emotions and jump back and forth between them both. I love laying back like a star fish during sex, and have my dirty drd infested, amazon Bush, cottage cheese like discharge; rotten fish smelling, itchy, burning, loose as a goose, hole get pounded by a train of little boys, dirty old men, ok let’s be honest anyone that will fuk me. If your Into whinny, immature, lazy, good for nothing, used and abused skeletor looking , drug using, beer guzzling, 80 year old looking wannabe barbie, that has every known sti, attention whore, heartless evil, stun cvnt that has lost her marbles, that dresses like a slutty 13yr old, that loves c0ck (the more the merrier) down my throat, 3 in the pink (or should I say green) 2 in the stink, cum dumpster loving granny that acts like a 12 year old, that has no responsibility and is a cold hearted evil narcissistic dirt squirrel that lives off my deaf ex bf in his trap house with my current on again off again boy toy. Than I’m the girl of your worst nightmare. Oh i have one good quality about me I get a odsp cheque every month, and I’m also frauding the CERB benefit cheque every month but I’m not scared of going to jail cause I’m a well known Rat. So if you dont have a job, dont worry I gotch you! My name is Shannon Westlake/romph call me

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