Samantha McLean — Ugly Home Wrecker Caught In Her Own Web

She appears to be this kind person. A devoted hard working mom just trying to make ends meet for her little girl cause the father is a deadbeat. So we believed, until the stories didn’t add up. She had us thinking she alone supports her little girl and that the dad is some sexual predator who abused poor helpless Samantha during their entire relationship. Truth is though she’s a conniving low life in St. Catharines with her hand out. She gets into your home, impersonates the woman of the house, pretends to be a friend but really is just after your man. Don’t let her into your group or near your man because she will destroy your marriage like she did with my friend. Samantha stole her husband, had him pack his bags and is now planning on moving in with him so she doesn’t have to pay rent anymore. It’s just another man for her to leach off from. She doesn’t work like she says she does. She actually works Part time for minimum wage at Sweetie Pie’s Niagara and spends the rest of her time destroying families. There’s only so many lies you can tell girl until the truth comes out. It’s only a matter of time before my friend’s husband and everyone in our group connect the dots listening to you go on about being a victim when you’re far from.

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