Nikki Freeman — Don’t Waste Your Time – Waste Of Skin

Nikki Freeman Don’t Waste Your Time – Waste Of Skin. I have nothing nice to say about this girl as a woman wouldn’t play these types of games. This is a girl who decided to lead me on for a month after telling me she loved me and how I was so good. I treated her like absolute gold and did nothing but build her up. I was bailed on several times at first I let it slide because she had said she was under the weather. Second time I was blown off because a tattoo took too long and last I was blown off without even a notice. This is a Fleming College Frost campus RA who allows underage drinking and drug use within the dorms. Don’t let this woman take advantage of you. And if you find yourself with her just know I was the one to build her up. If she walked on me with all I did she will do the same to you. Fair warning. PS if you see this Nikki good luck with life and enjoy the free publicity.

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