Myrakle Cook Messesd Up,Back Stabbin,Homie Hoppin,Jib Hoor

Theres not enough time or space her to write all about this one. But ill give ya’s the jist of it..let it be a warning to avoid this person at all costs, myrakle .more like “curse”,has a daily routine of ruining peoples lives on purpose for no reason and is the worst by far the worst bully to ever exist .she parades around wallace street in wallaceburg like its big time to be head honcho there lol. She sleeps with any guy who will give her a smash if meth,especially other peoples boyfriend, i think she fantasy plays pokemon maybe cuz shes gotta catch em all .everyone elses man that is ,but its probably because she never has one of her own .idk if she just dont clue in she will never be more than someone’s side chick on disposal , she also serequils dudes so when they pass out she can run their pockets, she sets up little teams of ppl n has them rob whatever guy she sets up for it ,ppl only do her dirty work or side woth her because if u dont you will be the one in trouble with the cops or she will just do whatever grimey ass shit she can for as long as u live in that town to you cuz she has nothing better to do . Shes really just pathetic…even if ur nice to her she will eventually destroy sum part or another of ur life for no reason…shes just a bully.. homie hopper those gurls that sleeps with everyones man and anyone with drugs…one those girls that has keep a ****** babies cuz like i said, they aint stayin shes never gunna be the permanant wifed down …its halariouse that she thinks shes doin big things down on wallace st wallaceburg ..or that she has any friends, cuz in reality everyone hates her and just fakes her friend cuz she makes living intolerable if ya dont …bet it feels gd having to force ppl to bother with u even eh myrakle…no good dope hoor is all and i hear prolly has clap. She isnt pretty all the guys behind her back say she looks like a guy kinda .but its easy….myrakle will only ever be nothing more than what n where she is now . Pathetic laughing stalk joke . The worst human ive ever encountered. Pin cushion of a junkee

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