Mike Krachan Please Avoid

Mike Krachan Please Avoid. Local tattoo artist mike krachan is not just giving out staph infections and tattooing janky artwork now hes abusing young women. He has been reported for human trafficking of cas crown wards and has admitted on Facebook to hitting his ex girlfriend who was in her 20s (hes in his 50s). He doxes women for fun when they tell him to stop abusing them or others by posting their addresses on Facebook. If you’re young also please do not go work for him. He goes for women with 0 knowledge of the industry and has sex with them to get them in higher positions at his tattoo studio. He even gets them to pierce and use the totally wrong kind of jewelry (cheap Chinese plastic) and seems to have 0 issue with it. Theres also a tenant he rents his basement to that is a sexual criminal. Please avoid this place!! Its dangerous!!

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