Mackenzie Ottenbrite — Nasty Disgusting Fat Ditch Pig

Mackenzie Ottenbrite — Nasty Disgusting Fat Ditch Pig. Honestly if I had enough time on my hands I could write an essay on the nasty a55 sh1t this broad has done. But I’ll keep it classy and only share what I think won’t get her completely blacklisted from every single person, place and thing. For starters she never brushes her teeth or washes her hair to the point where I’ve had to actually make up an excuse to her to go take care of her hygiene. You’re how old why the fuk can’t you smell yourself you nasty pig. She doesn’t mind if she sleeps with someone without she knows has and DRD as long as they wear a condom… idk about you but that’s a no from me dawg. She even brags about how suking their d1cks tastes just like normal ducks. I don’t even believe she’s using protection in those cases because her favourite line is “abortion is my favourite form of birth control” like burn in hell you twisted fuk. keep your stuff close to you because she will and I swear to you steal and thing and everything valuable to support her habit. She’s been a closet junkie for longer than even I probably know, and how she continues to stay as fat as she is is beyond me because usually people who do meth are skinny but nope she got the fat a55 5end of the stick. If you have to steal from your grandmother on her death bed for your next up, you know you struggling boo.

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