Lisa Springall — Dirty Homewrecking Ho

Lisa Springall Dirty Homewrecking Ho. Nik it’s time to blast another whore. This dirty skank worked at a fish shop in Brant County, and would dress like she’s 20, when she’s really old. I went in there with my man, and she was throwing herself on him in front of me, bumped into him on purpose to get his attention, and flirt with him. All right in front of my face. She’s so ugly, but thinks she’s better than everybody else. She is a crack whore with no teeth. All her kids are fat. When I would go to the shop she would snob me, and only talk to my man. I am younger than her, and look like a model. She thinks my man would leave me for her nasty old a55. She also looks like she has DRD, and she’s a walking skeleton. Word has it she sleeps with Brant County and steals women’s men. This ho has no respect for any other woman. She looks like she has dentures. Nasty looking and very ugly. My boyfriend is nice to everybody, but she thinks he wants her lol. Skank is out of a job now. Time for her to go back to the corner and suk some more c0ck. Very ugly and hideous looking skank. Her feet are fat and puffy. Ugly nasty feet. Big toes are bent, and the second toes are longer than the big. Warped and deformed looking.

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