Kristine Johnson — The Cheating Lying Decitful DRD Queen Kristine Johnson Of Branttard

Kristine Johnson — The Cheating Lying Decitful DRD Queen Kristine Johnson Of Branttard. If you come into contact with this skank on the internet or in person make sure you wear the appropriate equipment. This skank sends everyone and anyone her disgusting dirty nasty drd filled cvnt shots within 15 messages of first communion. This b1tch is the worst mother on the face of the earth would rather ditch her two year old off on a sitter to go do blow and perks with her new fiance (they have only been together for 33 days but getting married). She rather ditch her kid go to bars and screw everything and anything including her slut friend Dakota Brant, her best friends husband Kyle hockley go suk guys off for raptor tickets and EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in between. While she is doing this she is keeping her Daughter’s biological father away from her. Won’t allow him to see her and throws the poor girl with sitters instead of her daddy that she hasn’t seen since the beginning of January. The man is one of the few GOOD DADS out there. Over pays his child support 7000 since May …. tried forever to make his family work while this cvnt sleeze bag fuks his childhood best friend and god father to her daughter. Meanwhile while she is screwing everything she is infectious!!!!!! oh yes this b1tch has DRDs! oh and parasites. Have you ever heard of trick???? I’m not talking trick or treat mother fukers I’m talking bugs crawling out of her drd riddled vagina…… crawling through the green pu55 from drd dripping out of this gross pigs vag…. DON’T let the fact she is a daycare worker for St Joe’s in Brantford scare you….. she is only Passing parisites to your children when she doesn’t wash her hands. (after sex at work? This bitch also fuks men in her daycare when no one is around… Marco her new beau is quite the treat as well….. signing over parental rights to his first daughter by the time he is 18 and lost his second one a year ago. This guy is a pill popping pepsi head who steals from friends and family and places he stayed to support his habits. He badmouths a good dad while he doesn’t have his kids and not allowed to see them. He also contributes to kristine not allowing her daughter’s dad to see her. This b1tch went so far as to call the cops multiple different times on her baby daddy to try and have him loose his mind. she currently has him up on charges for uttering death threats and the man has never hurt a fly. He found out all this garbage out while he sits in a rehab center for alcohol that she encouraged if he was going to buy her something. Her family drank with him got him drunk then blamed him for drinking. ????? the man paid for everything gave her Everything but it wasn’t good enough for Kristine to keep her legs shut….. This wonderful skank has a homemade porn she passed to different men in exchange for gifts / payment…. this video is of her having a threesome with her buddy Dakota and her best friend Stephanie’s husband Kyle. This couple is made for each other…. Although I’m not sure Marco has any idea what he is about to marry but here is the warning to the public just incase this drd infested sow comes into contact with you or your man. she goes both ways so neither of you are safe. I am currently dating her ex. He is unaware of this post. BUT I feel this behaviour should be public knowledge due to the fact that she is a dirty skank passing her gross nasty drds throughout her friends and everyone else that she touches….. and due to her massive makeover….. she looks normal…. don’t judge a book by it’s cover .

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