Jim Carson And Amanda Cox — Womanizer And Drd Carrier

He thinks he is a Harley sale professional. It’s a coverup! If she thinks he’s in love with her and her son. She is in denial. He’s made her think he’s madly in love with her. She is blind to the fact, the only person he is in love with is himself. He lies about his where abouts and doings. He is often at his ex’s house’s . He deals Pepsi and Percocets. I don’t know how he still has scripts for all the percs he’s allocated. He sleeps around with what ever pu55y is thrown at him. He’s cheated on his wife. He’s cheated on his latest baby momma. He’s cheating on Amanda too. She should have a physical because she prob suffers from some drippy DRD. Time to wake these 2 up. She thinks she found herself a biker. A caring mother would not put her child in the atmosphere and hate that comes out of this ego driven narcissist.

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