James Bender — The Biggest Abusive And Manipulative scumbag You’ll Ever Meet

James Bender — The Biggest Abusive And Manipulative scumbag You’ll Ever Meet. Three years ago I started dating the scumbag named James Bender, he’s the one in the first photo. Everything was fine at first like every love story goes. But after a while things changed. After a while I ended up moving, there were a few things I was suspicious about. After I moved he started talking to other people. I politely asked him to stop and turns out the whole time he was mocking me behind my back. Years later after we broke up I found out that he indeed was flirting with these people. I always thought James would be the one, until this happened. We moved because we got kicked out of my moms house, I got him out of his abusive parents house. It was absolute hell because his parents called the cops on me. In the end we got them out, because I would do anything for him. Instead of being grateful for me helping him out and treating me the way I should’ve been, he cheated, abused me, and manipulated me. He met this girl named Chayce-Lee Hughes. She’s the slut in the second photo. When we first moved he met her when he started working at A&W. of course this was his first job so I was so proud of him, until he went after this bitch. He talked shit constantly behind my back. Telling people how controlling I was and how abusive I was. He ended up turning everybody who worked at A&W against me. He started flirting with this girl and even started seeing her behind my back. A couple months later he abused me for the first time. He told me I was controlling because I told him to choose me or her. I told this b1tch for months on end to stop talking to my man, but you never dead. After the first time he abused me she ended up contacting me telling me she was so sorry and that I was always right. She told me about how he kissed her one day, while we were still together. He stayed at my apartment a lot because it was in the same town as his work. He used me so he didn’t have to get cab rides every day, when meanwhile he was still hang out with her. The thing that really gets me is I don’t know how some girl could do this to someone’s relationship. That is the lowest thing anybody could possibly do. I was hurt for a long time and still am. After the second time he abused me I decided to call the police. Right now there’s court in process for charging him with two counts of assault. I still see him tagging her and stuff on Facebook, and walk by his work every once in a while see them still together. She knew we were together, and purposely broke us up. Although this isn’t the meanest thing in the world, I try not to put others down. But this is a big step for me and I feel like karma will never get to them. So this is me taking matters into my own hands. Watch out for these two love birds. Once James find someone better he’ll leave her too. Once a cheater always a cheater, and that wasn’t even the only girl.

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