Alyssa Donkers — Deadbeat Mom

Ok so THIS broad right here has not one, not but THREE baby daddies!!!! & even got her kids taken because she can’t be a mom. She used to smoke meth with her dad who is now dating her friend…. and she will have a boyfriend and send nudes and videos to other guys behind her mans back to only have them find out after and then they leave her. None of her baby dads want anything to do with her. She goes through friends like a starving person in a fridge. She never showers, only washes her hair in the sink LOL and she doesn’t even pay child support for her kids and claims she’s always broke to people and her own baby dads but gets random men from PLENTY OF FISH to send her e transfers like gtfo. Ahe also has this boyfriend who she attacked and called the cops on and got him charged for the shit SHE would do to herself and behind his back in jail she came over and had sex with my boyfriends friend in my bathroom! Then played the rape card because she felt bad for cheating, and then a month later I introduced her to my friend and her boyfriend and they ended up having a 3 some and she would brag about how she got this girls man off and she couldn’t.. and then she ended up pregnant and didn’t even know who the dad was at first. She’s a lost cause. She uses people and their homes to get to where she wants to go next in life. Alyssa I really hope you grow up and start being the MOTHER your kids need. Not being raised by other people while you post a million selfies and drama statuses sh1t talking people looking for attention. Stay off your damn phone for once and stop being a h0ebag and trying to get with every guy you see!

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