Alicia Lynn Lemaire — Thief, Lier, Cvm Dumpster

Alicia Lynn Lemaire — Thief Lier Cvm Dumpster. This girl uses men for their money to smoke crack smoke purple and blow her brains out everyday she gets men to give her money on promises of sex and a good time but she will leave you penny less she is suk a lowlife she use to shoot up her own 17 year old son so he would get addicted to pepsi and then teaches all the nicks and tricks of boosting from stores and her son went missing he was found dead in the Ottawa River abandoned him when he was just a little boy many people believe that she got shot him and he died and then disposed of his body if you run into this girl she will claim that she doesn’t steal from friends or everyday people that she steals just from stores from macs milk to Walmart that is a complete lie she will steal from everyone be carefully men she’s an infected cvm dumpster who will leave you standing there scratching your head she’s a real prize you will be sorry you let her.

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